Sunshine Week: Data from 2017 now available
1 min readMar 12, 2018

Update #2: On April 17th, 2018, the district court data files were updated after Ned Oliver from the Richmond Times-Dispatch discovered missing cases from Norfolk’s data. The issue was that in early 2017, the district court combined Norfolk’s criminal, traffic, and civil courts, i.e. they stopped using FIPS codes 711, 712, and 713 and began using 710. All data from 710 has now been collected and posted — nearly 80,000 more cases, bring the total number of cases to 27,395,810.

Update: Data is collected and uploaded to the website. A total of 27,315,903 cases are now available.

The scrapers began running again about 10 days ago. Two servers running 11 workers.

All circuit criminal cases have been collected. District criminal cases are about half way done. Circuit civil case collection began this morning.

Once everything is collected, the data will be published — probably before the end of March.



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